1. Fuego


Go 'head and turn this beat up loud
I know you hear me on your radio
It's time to gather up a crowd
This here about to bust your stereo

Pre Chorus:
And now the beat's thumpin'
I see your head rockin'
I see your toes tappin'
Go 'head and turn this beat up loud

Get on the floor, let your hair down loose
Stomp it around in them sexy little boots
Swing your hips, throw your hands in the air
I'm 'bout to show you how to start a fuego

It's gettin' hotter over here
So come and join us don't just sit and stare
You'll get so hot, you'll start to sweat
It's gonna be a night you won't forget

Pre Chorus:

Chorus: X2

Time to light a fuego
Let me show you how it's done
I don't need no matches, Boy
I'm hotter than the sun
Ven aqui y besame
I'm like a loaded gun
With my shimmy ven aqui
I keep you on the run

Chorus: X4