Faith is taking the first step even when you can't see the whole staircase”


Unique was born and bred in Houston, Texas and moved to Colorado with an ex boyfriend. She has been singing all of her life but after the break up, she made a desicion to shoot down all of the nay-sayers, take the road less traveled and make her dream of singing for a living a priority. She finally put herself first in life and started living life for her.  

She began by heading to the nearest open mic in Durango, met guitarist J.R. Cook, and started making music history! Unique has quickly become such a popular performer that area venues now reach out to her for availability! In her journey she met all of the right musicians and now has a full band to back her shows. Highlights to date include being invited to perform with DJ Posh Josh and together sold out the largest theatre in Durango, CO.  

When asked what message does she want her fans to receive, she responded,

"I want people who know me, just met me in passing, or have only heard my music to receive the message that they can accomplish any dream they have for themselves. I hope that every person finds their passion in life and pursues it to the fullest extent. I am proof that it can be done. I hope to inspire others along the way." - Unique 

What makes her music so spectacular?  

"I try to be as candid and transparent as possible through my music. I lay my heart out on the line for people to see in hopes that my music will touch their lives. People relate to something real and raw and that's what I bring." -Unique. 

Her music is edgy and cross genres. The sound she encapsulates is a bit of a dirty south country sound mixed with a little rock and a touch of pop. She even sings in Spanish! She is also a really gifted rapper. She can do it all!

"I like to create music that makes people dance! I like to watch people having a good time while I perform. I love feeling that energy from a crowd. Nothing is better than that feeling. It's like for that moment we truly feel like one people. I truly feel one love."  -Unique 

Her love for dance is as great as her love for singing. She use to be a professional cheerleader/dancer until she decided to persue singing and songwriting full time. She can sing, dance, and act. She is without a question, a triple threat! Her first single debued 9.12.18 entitled, "Fuego". Keep an ear and an eye out for this one for she is most definitely on fuego!!


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1. Is that your real name? 


2. What is the story behind your name? 
My parents didn't have a name picked out for me when I was born so they held me in their arms looked down at me and my mom said, "I refuse to give her a common name. We have to pick something special." and my dad said, "Yeah, it has to be something very... Unique." 


3. Are you Latina? 
Yes, I am Mexican, Spanish and Irish. 


4. Do you speak spanish?

yes. por supuesto. i speak and sing in spanish and i speak conversational portuguese. maybe a couple of other languages i like to keep up my sleeve to impress people with later. lol.


5. Does music run in your family? 
Yes, the gift of singing definietly seems to run in my dad's side of the family. His dad was sort of a local legend around Laredo, TX and Nuevo Laredo, MX and my dad is an excellent singer. He sounds like Pavarotti and was in chior and a boy singing group when he was younger. 


6. What is your original sound? 
I would describe it as nitty gritty dirrty southern country rock soul music. 


7. Who are your influences? 
Beyonce. Queen B definitely is the hugest influence in my life. Not only because she represents Houston, TX like I do but because she represents a diligent, romodel of a human being and woman. She remains in my eyes, untouchable. 
I pay homage to all the greats Etta, Aretha, and Xtina because they showed me what soul is in soul music. Nina Simone inspired me to write my own music. Selena, J.Lo, and Gloria Estefan make me proud to be Latina. Linda Ronstadt, not only mkaes me proud to be Latina but also makes me realize I can sing any genre of music I want to whenever I want to and win Grammys in all of them. 
I didn't know what a soul was and had never felt mine until I heard Johnny Cash sing. I will sing with Willie before he leaves us. I will sing with Stevie Wonder too. Before Miranda Lambert came along, LeeAnn Womak was my favorite female country artist and lyricist. Too many greats to name but those are a few.


J.R. Cook- guitarist and loop pedal 
Taylor Carlson- drummer 
Paul Wright- harmonica 
Unique Cortez- Vocals

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